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Photography encompasses a variety of styles, each with its own unique characteristics and artistic approach. Here are some popular photography styles often employed in capturing weddings:


Traditional/Classic Photography:

  • Classic, timeless poses and compositions.

  • Emphasis on capturing key moments and formal portraits.

  • Well-lit, posed shots of the couple, family, and bridal party.

Photojournalistic/Documentary Photography:

  • Candid and unposed shots that tell a story.

  • Emphasis on capturing genuine emotions and candid moments.

  • Minimal interference, allowing events to unfold naturally.

Fine Art Photography:

  • Artistic and creative approach to composition.

  • Often involves unique angles, lighting, and post-processing.

  • Focus on creating visually stunning, almost painterly, images.

Fashion Photography:

  • Incorporates elements of fashion and editorial styles.

  • Emphasis on portraying the couple in a glamorous and stylish manner.

  • Attention to clothing, accessories, and overall aesthetics.

Natural Light Photography:

  • Relies primarily on natural sunlight for illumination.

  • Creates a soft, organic look with a focus on natural beauty.

  • Ideal for outdoor or daytime weddings.

Dramatic/Artistic Photography:

  • Bold and impactful images with strong visual elements.

  • Utilizes creative lighting techniques for a dramatic effect.

  • Ideal for couples seeking unique and visually striking photos.

Vintage/Retro Photography:

  • Mimics the style of photography from a specific era (e.g., 1920s, 1970s).

  • Use of vintage filters and post-processing techniques.

  • Creates a nostalgic and timeless feel.

Drone Photography:

  • Involves the use of drones for aerial shots.

  • Captures unique perspectives and sweeping landscapes.

  • Adds a modern and cinematic touch to wedding albums.

Black and White Photography:

  • Timeless and classic aesthetic.

  • Emphasis on shadows, contrasts, and emotions.

  • Adds a sense of elegance and nostalgia to images.

Destination Wedding Photography:

  • Specializes in capturing weddings in unique or exotic locations.

  • Emphasis on incorporating the destination's scenery and culture.

  • Blends various styles depending on the setting.

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