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My name is Eli, short for Elizabeth, I am the lead planner at Your Wedding Boutique. Throughout my 10 years of experience in the event industry I have worked in every aspect of events - from starting in the catering industry to my current work at Trias Flower where I get to work with textures, colors, and flowers! 


As a wedding planner, my priority is to help create an lifelong memory that speaks volume to both you and your guests, focusing on aesthetics, budget, details, communication, and service. If you are searching for an event planner, here's what you should know about me


I am a perfectionist, but still maintain a very “outside of the box” way of thinking and am completely obsessed with anything wedding. Planning weddings might mean stress, but I will take on yours as I do manage stress very well. I will share enjoyment and excitement helping you plan your wedding and partake in making your day a perfect one. From the day you search venues to your last dance, my attentiveness, professionalism, competence will assure your vision be brought to life and your wedding, an unforgettable one. 

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