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Wedding planner in Miami, FL


Established 2011

Your Wedding Boutique is designed to allow you as my client, to enjoy the process of planning your special day. From your wedding invitations to the last detail, I will be with you all the way, guiding you on all aspects of planning. I offer a range of planning services tailored to fit your dream wedding day and guarantee a stress free and exceptionally enjoyable wedding experience for you your family and guests. From concept to completion, anywhere from venue selection to a very detailed timeline on the day of.

The Grand Plan & Wedding Destination 

This is a full wedding planning experience service! It will allow you to dream and decide while I do all the work.

I will guide you every step of the way. From site search to your wedding design. If you are the couple who does not have the flexibility to add into your schedule all the time to plan your wedding vision perfectly or are dreaming of a destination wedding celebration.

This is the service for you!

Partial Wedding 

Let me pick up your plans where you are and lead you to the altar! Perfect for the couple who has the place, ideas and inspiration, but doesn't have the time or experience to execute all aspects of a wedding. This service will develop a cohesive plan, design and concept that is reflective of your unique personality.

Coordination Services

If you have already planned out all the details of your wedding, but need a team to make it happen, this service will allow you enjoy the experience of getting married! 

Love Notes

Love Notes

If you’re wondering whether you really need a wedding planner the answer is Yes!

Especially one like Elizabeth. She gave me all the things I didn’t know I needed while planning my wedding.

She made me feel confident in my decisions, gave me direction and guidance when I needed it and advocated for me with all my vendors. My wedding day had some hiccups due to vendors, and my guests and I were none the wiser.

It is such a huge load off your shoulders to know that someone is in the background making sure that you have the most wonderful time at your wedding

Adrian & Alex

Get in Touch

Reach out to schedule a time to chat with me! 

Hello, thank you for visiting my page!


My name is Elizabeth, I am the lead planner at Your Wedding Boutique. Throughout my 10 years of experience in the event industry I have worked in every aspect of events - from starting in the catering industry to my current work at Trias Flower where I get to work with textures, colors, and flowers!


As a wedding planner, my priority is to help create a lifelong memory that speaks volume to both you and your guests, focusing on aesthetics, budget, communication, and service. If you are searching for an event planner, here's what you should know about me


I am a perfectionist, but still maintain a very “outside of the box” way of thinking and am completely obsessed with anything wedding. Planning weddings might mean stress, but I will take on yours as I do manage stress very well. I will share enjoyment and excitement helping you plan your wedding and partake in making your day a perfect one. From the day you search venues to your last dance, my attentiveness, professionalism, competence will assure your vision be brought to life and your wedding, an unforgettable one.

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