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Why do you need a Wedding Planner?

Many newly engaged couples quickly learn that the stress of wedding planning is not an

over exaggerated myth!


Planning a wedding is stressful! No matter how much you may want it to be solely you and your fiancé, the planning of your special day is easier when leaving the stress to event professionals. Most brides don’t think to hire a wedding planner, often leaving them overwhelmed. It is exciting to be planning your wedding – why should you bring someone to aid you in this important time of your life? Here are a few reasons...


Do you have an idea of how much you are comfortable spending?

An experienced wedding planner will conduct an evaluation based on your ideas and special request to help breakdown your budget. My planning services will determine what is necessary or unnecessary for your wedding. This assist eliminates wasting your money on ideas that cut corners without cutting service and the big vision of your wedding day.

2. Save Time

Between sending emails, requesting proposals and choosing the best, the average bride spends between 200 - 250 hours searching locations and professionals that will fit their needs. The amount of time you spend planning a wedding can sometimes lead you going in circles but cut dramatically with the help of a wedding planner professional.

3. Save Money

I work with many wedding professionals in the industry more than likely to have better savings. These event professionals not only get the job done right, but can also offer me a better rate to accommodate your budget without sacrificing the quality of services.

4. Stress Free Process

There are countless details to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly.

My wedding coordination services include all of the tasks that need to be in place for your day.

Ceremony Rehearsals

Reception venue layouts and floor plans

Develop a detailed wedding day timeline

Collect wedding personal items such as seating charts, welcome table items, ceremony items.

guest books and wedding favors